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A KALA Health product

MSM Capsules are available in bottles of 250 and 1000 capsules.


MSM Capsules, a wide range of additive-free OptiMSM products
MSM Capsules
250 Capsules
Item #0802500-AU

MSM Capsules, a wide range of additive-free OptiMSM products
MSM Capsules
1000 Capsules
Item #0810000-AU

# Bottles Price Per Bottle
1-5 A$55.00/bottle
6+ A$49.50/bottle

msm methylsulfonylmethaneMSM Capsules
Product Information

# Bottles Price Per Bottle
1-5 A$180.00/bottle
6+ A$162.00/bottle

msm methylsulfonylmethaneMSM Capsules
Product Information

At KALA Health, Inc. we believe your MSM capsules should contain the highest quality, licensed MSM, and deliver the full 1,000 mg per capsule that is demanded in the market to-day.  Click here to read more about the Quality of MSM.

When you look around for the MSM content in other MSM products, you will find quantities ranging from 500-mg to 950-mg.  To obtain a gelatin capsule that guarantees the delivery of the full 1,000 mg of OptiMSM™, the premium brand of MSM, consistently, and .....excipient-free! requires special methodology and expertise. By using MSM "flakes" instead of crystals, a denser form of MSM is used which achieves the full 1,000-mg MSM per capsule.  Other products on the market to-day usually contain only between 900 and 950 mg MSM.

The methodology employed results in the purest, most thoroughly tested MSM capsules on the market. They are guaranteed to be free of microbiological and heavy metal contaminants.

Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., medical Director for Cardinal Nutrition and the world’s leading authority on MSM, has exclusively recommended OptiMSM™ in his practice. Dr. Jacob has worked with MSM for over 28 years and is a published author of 150 articles, several medical text books including The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain.




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